Minister's Letter - October 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
Dear Friends,

The re-opening of the re-furbished Dovetail Centre was a special occasion. We remembered the building of the Dovetail Centre some twenty-five years ago – a dovetailing between the Hall and the new Church, building on what was the car park. But we were reminded that it was also a dovetailing of the church and the community.

Over the years in the Dovetail Centre, the Methodist people have shared fellowship – worshipping and growing in faith. Community groups have raised money for charity, helped each other through support groups and listened to one another. Church and community have engaged together in the Dovetail Centre drinking copious amounts of coffee! Rev Dr Andrew Wood prayed that the Church would continue to keep open doors to the community and asked God to bless the future work of the Dovetail Centre.

I was particularly moved by the presence of our distinguished guests. That representatives of all levels of civil government chose to support our celebration was an affirmation of our vision of uniting church and community.

The Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Maureen Sollitt, the Honourable Mr Steve Brine MP who officially re-opened the Dovetail Centre, County Councillor Judith Grajewski and the Chair of Chandler’s Ford Parish Council, Mrs Margaret Atkinson, all enjoyed the hospitality and meeting the assembled gathering.

As we enjoy the new surroundings, I pray that both Church and community will become more faithful followers of Jesus through the Dovetail Centre.