Minister's Letter - February 2016
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter Cornick‘Making more faithful followers of Jesus’ is the Church ‘vision’. Our Action Teams are building a picture of our mission currently and what might be possible in the future. The Leadership Team have been praying about some specific ways to make the ‘vision’ a reality. Rather than try to ‘do it all’, these are the areas we are particularly focussing on.

♦ ‘Rooftops Ministry’ has seen a small group of people praying together about how we know the story of Jesus, what change it makes in our hearts and then, how we actually take steps to talk about faith to others. In their questions; in their growing – which can sometimes be challenging – the Spirit is moving and making more faithful followers of Jesus.

♦ ‘Easter Is …’ will see the Church transformed into the Temple in Jerusalem! There, characters from the Easter story will be ‘played’. The object is to hear the story of the characters and ask them questions – what will you think about Jesus once you have spoken to Mary Magdalene or the Pharisee? They will have very different opinions! Who, or what do you believe? Will the experience make you more faithful? Will the experience make someone you bring with you a follower of Jesus? This is a chance for you to invite a friend to something special. Who will you bring?

♦ ‘The Alpha course’ introduces people to the basics of faith. This will run after Easter and perhaps the guest you invite to ‘Easter Is …’ may want to know more. Alpha would be for them – perhaps you could come along with them? The Christian life is about walking alongside one another.

♦ A Service particularly aimed at ‘the missing generation’ (30s-40s) is being planned. The time and date are still to be arranged; we pray that a different style of worship might help people to grow in faith.

How can you be involved? We will need caterers, musicians, technicians, welcomers, prayer people etc. But most of all … come – and bring someone with you – for our vision is ‘Making more faithful followers of Jesus’.