Celebration of Youth Work and Gift Day
Saturday 21st September 2013: 10am till 2pm
Maybe you could try to play a brass instrument or have a go at bringing a puppet to life . . . . . ?

10.00-10.30 Wiggly Worship, Mums and Minis, Dovetots
10.30-11.00 Hand in Hand Puppets followed by taster session
11.00-11.30 Junior Choir followed by taster session
11.30-12.00 Boys Brigade Band followed by taster session
12.00-12.30 Saturday Church display
12.30-13.00 YPF/Youth Club and Girls Brigade

1pm to 2pm light lunches in the Dovetail Coffee Room

Rev Peter Cornick and our Treasurer, Chris Goodhead, will be on hand throughout the morning to receive gifts to further our Youth Work. There will be baskets for donations in the Church and in the Dovetail Centre.