Minister's Letter - September 2015
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter CornickBeing in an unusual place and having time to look, one notices things. But does one notice God? Whilst waiting for Dan who was playing at the rugby at Twickenham (playing the trombone!), I visited Richmond Park and the town. I was led to write this prayer and I share it with you. All those ‘things’ I mention, I saw in the time of a rugby match in London!

God of our world and life,

In the constant rush; in the chaos of living,

Still our souls, that we may see you in your creation.

The Kingfisher which darts along the river,

A shock of iridescent blue,

brings an unexpected, unsearched for joy;

a moment of your grace, lightening the heart.

The deer, antlers tall, migrating home at dusk,

Cause the traffic to stop; passengers wonder at the majesty of such a beast.

To stop, and wonder, Lord our God, is to contemplate all you have made.

A spacecraft, packed with future, thought and exploration,

Silently follows the line of the Thames, in the night sky, unnoticed by the evening crowd;

Aeroplanes, the noise of wheels preparing to land constantly interrupting the stillness of the river,

Fly as unnoticed as the spacecraft because of familiarity.

When do you appear in our lives, Lord our God,

And do we notice you?

An urban fox patrols the streets,

Looking for those things we considered rubbish;

The fox hunts, untroubled by the constant wail of Police sirens.

In our life’s landscape,

have we forgotten your goodness so that to discard has become a blessing;

has our behaviour after a night on the town,

caused others to be put at risk?

God of our world and life,

In the constant rush; in the chaos of living,

Show us again your presence,

Through the unexpected,

Through the beauty of the world,

And forgive us when we are too consumed to notice you,

living our lives as if others do not matter.

In the name of Jesus,

Who showed your presence with us,

And whose concern was always that others should matter.