Minister's Letter - October 2015
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter CornickAt the Circuit Meeting, my invitation to this Church and as Circuit Superintendent, was extended until August 2018. It was encouraging to hear of the gifts that I bring which have been appreciated, such as preaching and supporting staff and officers of the Church and Circuit. It was recognised that the new Circuit has taken time to build up and that my contribution has been to listen to and value diverse views. Prime reasons for an extension were the ongoing work with the Romsey Circuit and the interesting developments in mission at Chandler’s Ford.

Concern was expressed from some churches that I am not seen enough, or my work is not visible. Part of the Superintendent’s job is to enable the local Ministers and Stewards to fulfil the local mission. To this end, I have, over the summer, been working pastorally with United Church Winchester and Twyford. Much of this has been essential background work, but is not seen in public. I have been supporting the Circuit Stewards in planning future Ministerial cover for five other churches as well as at Chandler’s Ford. Pastoral support for Ministers, Local Preachers and involvement in ‘safeguarding’ issues is time consuming and, for good reason, rarely seen. The Superintendent will not always be visible in Circuit churches.

In Chandler’s Ford, some felt I am not visible across the whole community. Following Church and Circuit policy, a ‘team ministry’ means much pastoral and youth work is carried out using the gifts of lay employees. I have a supervisory role and the re-invitation process indicated that communicating the good work of these employees to the whole Church is an urgent task. However, it is worth noting that I spend 11% of my time solely on Chandler’s Ford pastoral work, including home, hospital, funeral and baptism visits, but also ‘intentional conversations’ whilst at Church. If you or your group feel you have been missed off, please talk to me or a Steward. The team will respond as appropriate.

As your Minister, I look forward to continuing to share with you in God’s mission.