Minister's Letter - November 2015
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter CornickMaking more faithful followers of Jesus is our Church vision and is explained in this edition of The Link. I am grateful to the Leadership Team and the Stewards, who are working together creatively and with energy to put words into actions.

My CSE French tells me that the verb, faire, means, ‘to make or do’. In John 21, the disciples go fishing following the devastation of Jesus’ death. They are doing fishing and making a catch. Except they catch no fish; they can’t make or do! It is only when Jesus invites them to fish on the other side of the boat, to change their view of how to make or do, that they catch anything. The risen Jesus offers a new perspective and transforms the task of making or doing.

To make or do something, whether it be a cake or a catch, means one has to ‘intend’ to do the making; ‘l intend to make a cake, so I will shop for the ingredients’; ‘I intend to go fishing, so I will climb into my boat’. There is purpose behind the making and doing. Church growth literature talks of the ‘intention’ of growing a congregation. Leaving it to chance is not a part of it. So the church needs to ‘intend’ to grow; to make more faithful those already in the church and to discover those not yet there. Prayer, that the Holy Spirit might descend and be recognised and reflection by the leaders and the congregation on the needs of the community, are both intentional acts in the process of making or doing. They have been and continue to be part of our vision process.

Such an intention, for a church to grow, will often result in learning a new way to make or do. We should not be afraid of this, but hear Jesus transforming our task, as he did for Peter who declared ‘It is the Lord!’ Our intention, our vision, is that all parts of the Church, young and old, will be, making more faithful followers of Jesus.