Minister's Letter - May 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
Each year, we elect new Church Stewards. I have worked with many excellent Stewards over the years; no one person has had every gift for the role, but as a team, individuals have contributed to the whole. The Stewards, along with other church officers, work together with the Minister to forward the work of God.

It is concerning then, that no new Stewards were elected at the General Church Meeting. We do have current Stewards but with no intake in 2017, the pressure on that existing team becomes great, and we are clearly storing up problems for the future. I understand that some people serve the Church in many capacities and can only do so much! Others seem to be put off being a Church Steward for various reasons, and this we need to address.

Perhaps we need to radically alter the job profile. If we had a large team of ‘worship stewards’, these people would unlock for worship, put numbers in hymn boards, greet the preacher, pray with the preacher before the Service, welcome from the front, tidy up afterwards and generally make the ‘Service’ happen reverently and safely. Such people could be any regular worshipper, would not need to attend meetings (an initial briefing perhaps) and could ‘worship steward’ once a year / once a month etc. If you didn’t want to pray with the preacher or speak from the front, others will – perhaps your gift would be more in the ‘background’. Flexibility will be key. Having flagged the idea up at the Church Meeting, several people have already indicated they could be part of this. Could you? Please talk to me!

We will still need ‘Church Stewards’ but with ‘worship stewards’, there will be a different brief; we may need to re-visit the role of the Church Leadership Team. These are discussions I will be promoting urgently.

Could you look at being a ‘worship steward’ as carrying out service to Christ Jesus, whilst serving others?