Minister's Letter - May 2016
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter CornickThe installation of six monitors in the Church is good news for our mission; I am delighted with the outcome. Don’t forget, it has only been possible due to your generosity through the gift day.

In terms of worship, we will be able to see the words of hymns and songs clearly – which is a relief! But the monitors offer far more than that; videos of songs can be played when appropriate, prayers with pictures are possible, promotional films such as those produced by Christian Aid can be shown. Additionally, with the provision of a camera, it will be possible to focus in on an activity or preacher.

I am told we could even show different ‘prayer stations’ on each monitor for a special occasion! The possibilities are great! As for visitors using the Church for conferences and concerts, they now have a first class means of showing their presentations or highlighting a soloist. There is a time for everything and there will be a time not to use the monitors!

For leaders of worship like me, taking advantage of these possibilities will be the challenge. I also know how long it takes to source the right video or put together prayers with pictures. I hope that there will be people and groups who will offer to do this on occasions, and contribute to worship with suggestions. Talk to me in the first instance if you think you would be interested.

The story of Pentecost uses pictures or images to describe the power of the Holy Spirit. The rushing wind and the tongues of fire, help us to understand the urgency and the strength with which the Spirit fills the waiting apostles. The images we can now show, are there to help us in making more faithful followers of Jesus.