Minister's Letter - March 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
The enhancement of the Dovetail Centre is a major piece of work in progress. The furnishings have been in place for over twenty years so an update is due. There will be a chance to contribute to this later in the year. As we plan, central must be our vision: ‘making more faithful followers of Jesus’. We hope that the Dovetail Centre will continue to provide opportunity to enable this to happen.

The Coffee Room has been a central part of the Dovetail Centre, ably led by Jane Archer for the last 37 years. Jane has indicated that she will retire from this leadership from the end of June. I’m sure you would join me in commending Jane for her diligence, devotion and service over this time. Her vision has led us to where we are now; people who have come to the Coffee Room, perhaps lonely or troubled, wanting to talk to someone, have benefited from that vision. This has been a place of Christian hospitality – and it will continue to be so.

I have consulted with the present Coffee Room leaders and they will create a co-ordinating team to take on the management of the Coffee Room. It is proposed to open earlier on weekdays, at 9 am, with a view to serving toast and tea cakes (and possibly cakes if there are sufficient ‘cooks’!), as well as a wider range of coffees. We hope this will appeal to mums dropping off children, and visiting groups who often come in at that time. It is proposed to open later on a Saturday at 10am. Aware that not every helper will wish to start earlier, the co-ordinating team will liaise with helpers to arrange flexible staffing to suit the varying needs of the day.

With different patterns of serving, we will need new helpers. Is this something you might be able to do? We are also going to make a separate rota of people who would like to be ‘befrienders’ or ‘listeners’, but may not wish to serve coffee. Having staff ‘available’ for anyone who drops in has always been a vital part of our service and a feature we want to enhance. Is this something you would like to do? The ability to listen with interest to someone’s story is all you need and occasionally, the awareness to direct the person to a minister or someone who might help them. If you would like to join the team of helpers, either serving in the kitchen or as a befriender, please complete a form available in the Coffee Room and put it in the reply box.

The Coffee Room must be open to and serve all. Our welcome and listening accepts people whatever their need or circumstance. Through our service to others, we become more faithful followers of Jesus. Over the years, visitors to the Coffee Room, have recognised our faithfulness – some have in turn become followers of Jesus – and others may do so in the future.