Minister's Letter - June 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
The Gift Day for the refurbishment of the Dovetail Centre is almost upon us – Saturday 17th June, in the morning. I do hope you will join me and view some of the proposed fittings and ideas. There will be opportunities to pray for the Gift Day in the week leading up to it.

The planning group for this project have listened to the concerns and thoughts expressed at the Annual Church Meeting. Believe me, ideas have changed as conversations have developed and as we have reflected on the purpose of refurbishing and the costs involved. I know that all opinions have been heard and considered, but of course, you will understand we can’t accommodate every individual’s preference. I want to thank the planning group for their hard work and everyone for their contributions.

The Dovetail Centre was originally designed as a community resource; a place to offer hospitality; a place for sharing and listening. The whole church is now intensively used by church and community groups; this has grown rapidly in the last few years. Many community users are now taking coffee in the Coffee Room before or after their group; mothers love the space in the library area for children to play; we are developing a greater number of ‘befrienders’ in the morning, simply offering time to people.

Of course, we want to enhance the look of the Dovetail Centre. But new carpet or a coffee machine will not provide the Christian welcome – you will do that. I believe people come, simply to create a community. In the morning, people feel supported and enjoy meeting others; church groups value the development of faith and fellowship; community groups help people build relationships. The Dovetail Centre provides all this – it is a unique attribute of our church. May God bless this dove-tailing of relationships made, and the dove-tailing of church and community.