Minister's Letter - February 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
There are times in our lives when our health gives us, and those we love, great concern. As a Christian fellowship, this is also a concern for each of our friends in the Church. If one part of the body of

Christ suffers, writes Paul to the Corinthians, so too will all the other

parts. We were sorry to hear then, just after Christmas, that Deacon Rona, who has been working with us since September, has been undergoing tests for breast cancer. She is currently meeting with her consultant to decide on the course of treatment and when it will take place. I expect Rona to be off work from mid-February for several months followed by a time of phased return to work. This situation is of course a concern to Rona and her husband Les, but is of concern to us all as a church fellowship.

Since September, we have been getting to know Deacon Rona. She has particularly been involved with Messy Church, the Peter Pan Pre-School and Dovetots, our toddlers group. Along with individual pastoral work, worship leading and re-kindling the link with Elderfield, Rona has been getting to know the possibilities in the work. So, it is frustrating for her to have to put this on hold for a while.

It is hard enough to deal with a health challenge when you have a network of friends around you. But for a minister who has recently moved to a new location, the sense of dislocation can be quite profound. I know that many of you have contacted or spoken to Rona to offer your support and prayers. I would like to assure Rona, that as a church fellowship, we will continue to to pray for her during this period and wish her God’s healing blessing.