Minister's Letter - April 2018
Rev Peter Cornick
Christ is alive! No longer bound to distant years in Palestine. Brian Wren wrote these words for an Easter hymn. He describes how the resurrection frees Jesus from a particular time and setting, so that he is present in every time and setting. Jesus, Wren writes, through Easter, is saving, healing, here and now.

Of course, this work is achieved by his present-day followers – you and me – caring; loving; suffering. But we do so in the power and presence of the risen Jesus. The cross stands empty to the sky begins the hymn. This tells us that whilst Jesus suffered and died on the cross, he is no longer there – he is alive and comes to bring good news to this and every age.

How often do we reflect on the offering of Jesus on the cross and his continued offering and presence with a world of need now? Jesus dies, pouring out God’s love, in the face of extreme violence. He lives, working through us, through the church to save and heal. A continual offering of an Easter faith.

On 22nd, 29th April and 13th May, I shall be preaching about ‘offering’; what Jesus offers to us and the world and what we offer to further Jesus’ work – both financially and in terms of ‘time and talent’. Our weekly giving should not be muddled up with a charity ‘collection’ or a ‘pay as you go’ fee.

We offer gifts each week in gratitude for what Jesus has offered to us at Easter. We offer gifts each week in gratitude for what Jesus continues to offer, saving and healing. Our offering now, sets the work of this church, the work of Jesus, in this particular time and setting. Christ is alive!