Minister's Letter - April 2017
Rev Peter Cornick
The refurbishment of the Dovetail Centre is our major project this year.

After nearly 25 years, it is estimated that the footfall in the Coffee Room

alone has reached 400,000 people. Each year, over 30 groups regularly use

the Dovetail Centre. Whether it be the Parish Council or the Memory

Support Group, Messy Church or the harvest lunch, the whole community

is grateful for the Dovetail Centre. With such heavy use, the furnishings

and fittings are due an update and a group has been working hard to find

the best specifications.

But the refurbishment is far more than new tables and chairs. Our Church

Vision is ‘making more faithful followers of Jesus’. The Dovetail Centre

needs to be a place where this happens – in four ways:

1. Worship – increasingly, the space has been used for worship e.g.

Connect, Evening Services in the winter and Messy Church. An

improved ambiance and monitor to show words and pictures will

help considerably.

2. Learning and Caring – the morning ‘Dovetail Café’ will continue

its excellent work of welcome and befriending whilst study groups

encourage Christian learning.

3. Service – through charities, community groups, Good Neighbours

etc.; all use the Dovetail Centre and remind us of our commitment

to others in need.

4. Evangelism – with a meal, talks and video, courses like ‘Alpha’

will be at home here.

You are invited to the Annual Church Meeting on Wednesday 26th April

at 7.30 pm in the Church, where you will hear a presentation on the

proposed work, its purpose, costs and gift day to support the refurbishment.

Nothing is yet set in stone – no chairs bought or carpet colour chosen! But

Church Council has agreed it will go ahead. So this is your chance to have

your say on the forthcoming refurbishment. Don’t miss out!

The Link April 2017 3

All the aspects of our mission I mentioned above, will be enhanced by a

fresh look Dovetail Centre. Whether you will be serving coffee, listening to

someone’s story, or singing the words of a song with others, you will be

‘making more faithful followers of Jesus’.