Minister's Letter - April 2016
Rev Peter Cornick
Rev Peter Cornick‘Making more faithful followers of Jesus’ is our vision. To enable this, an Easter presentation took place during Holy Week, where characters from the Easter story interacted with visitors to the ‘Temple’ in Jerusalem. Characters including Peter, Mary Magdalene, and the soldier who crucified Jesus, all spoke of who they believed Jesus was – and is – to them. People have told me they found the experience challenging, thought provoking and moving, such that they became more faithful, in following Jesus. It was a lot of work for the ‘cast’ and challenged each one to explain the faith of their character. Whilst I am sure those who came benefitted, I had hoped for more support from the church. Perhaps now some have experienced it, they will be in a position to commend it to others, and to invite friends who would value hearing the Easter message.

Did I become a more faithful follower through the experience? I was moved by the story of Joseph of Arimathea. Here was a man who had disagreed with the Jewish leaders’ decision to hand Jesus over to Pilate. Here was a man who, after the crucifixion, took Jesus’ body from Pilate and laid it in his own tomb. Here was a man who demonstrated courage in standing up for Jesus; who witnessed to his love and devotion for Jesus. I played the part of a Pharisee; it was hard to sustain a sceptical attitude to Jesus who challenged ‘my’ petty minded keeping of the law. As the character, I suggested ‘anyone could have borrowed a donkey and paraded into Jerusalem pretending to be a king!’ I felt as if I was betraying Jesus.

Through hearing the courageous witness of Joseph and the personal act of ‘denying’ Jesus, I became a more faithful follower of Jesus.