Mums and Minis
Thursday (Every other week)
Venue: 16, Oakmount Rd, Chandler's Ford. (Shelly MacGregor's home)

A chance for those with small children to meet informally over coffee for a time of sharing / biblical reflection. Elizabeth will be on hand to keep the little ones "busy". Open to Mums, Dads, carers or anyone with pre-schoolers, who doesn't mind being interrupted !

Room for growth in a supportive group, within the very welcoming environment of Shelly's home.

Hi, I have been asked to write a few words to describe the Mums and Minis Group. It consists of (myself) Shelly, Tasha, Linda Rose, Angela, Fiona, Kate, Shona, Ann, Abi, Rachel, Hannan, Toni, as well as a number of other mums who have joined us along the way. Jane Padley often brings a thought provoking short D.V.D or Bible reading which we discuss over a cuppa.

The group was started in order to meet the needs of the mums attending Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church. All the other home groups were held on an evening which made it tricky to attend, or find a baby sitter. Our group meets a couple of Thursdays every month from 10-12 noon. We are very lucky to have Elizabeth Ruff from crèche and J Team, to come and play with the many children, while the mums have the opportunity to talk. As you can imagine with so many children between us, at times there can be mess, with toys everywhere, and a lot of noise. It is nice for all the members of Mums and Minis to feel welcomed in Church. Sometimes on a Sunday it can feel a little daunting to bring noisy energetic children to a Church Service where children will be accepted as part of the Church. It is great to be part of a Church which is working towards the needs of youngsters and young families as well as its older members.

In the past we as a group have arranged Christmas meals, picnics, outings and strong lasting friendships have formed. Throughout the last two years that Mums and Minis has been meeting (i.e. growing in numbers) the group has not only offered friendship but understanding and a huge amount of support to one another through both good and bad times. We used to meet in our home but ran out of space and now meet at the Church. This is due to the birth of new babies William, Lucy, Ruby, mums bringing friends along and other mums being introduced to the group through the Church.

It’s nice to meet with such a lovely group of local mums and their children and I hope many of our friendships will continue to blossom......Shelly

For more information, contact Jane Padley (8026 6180) or Elizabeth Ruff (8026 7507) or click here to email.