Hope Now: Ukrainian Concert
Friday 22nd November 2013: 7pm
This is a free concert on Friday 22nd November at 7 pm in our Church, where people may be able to give at the end of the evening if they so wish.
The group comprises 8 students aged between 14-17. They are very talented and during their time in England they will be giving about 35 concerts at various churches, auditoriums and venues including a cathedral. There are 5 girls and three boys. Two of the group have received national awards for their singing.
The programme will consist of a selection of Ukranian music and dances during the first half of the performance, whilst in the second they will sing in English with songs from the shows and Christian songs.
This is an evening not to be missed and will cater for people of all age groups. (In the afternoon prior to this concert they will be performing to students at Crestwood school.)
All proceeds from the evening will go to Hope Now to support the work of the charity in Ukraine. There will be a short description of their work as part of the evening programme.