Junior Choir

Chandlers Ford Methodist Junior Choir is for anyone of school age. We meet on an occasional basis, usually leading up to Christmas.

We sing a range of Christian songs that are always fun and generally lively with a few that split in to two parts to really test us. We enjoy singing at the church or to other groups when invited and have sung at carol services, Easter morning services, Harvest Supper celebrations and at a wedding.

On a routine evening practice, we spend the first 10 minutes or so warming ourselves up, vocally and physically by singing a range of warm up songs, and doing a range of exercises including clapping. After that we get into practising the songs that we are currently learning.

When we perform in front of an audience we never hold any words, and so all our songs have to be learnt by the choir. This means that we are able to sing the song with meaning and smile at the same time,as we don't have to try and read the words at the same time.

At the end of the practice, we all have some sweets, depending on how good we have been - a decision made by me - Anna Ruff the choir leader.

Currently there are about 10 people in the choir with a full range of ages. If you come ask us about 'Father Abraham!'

For more information, contact Anna Ruff on 8094 1223