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A word from the Minister
"We are an active church that seeks to discover God at work in our lives and in the lives of others.

Through worship, learning, caring, service and in sharing the love of Jesus, we look to become His disciples. We are active as Christians in the local community and many groups find a home in our wonderful modern premises.

Whether you are visiting us through the website or at the church itself, I pray that you will glimpse something of the life we share in Christ, and that you may share that life too."

Rev. Sue Keegan von Allmen

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Our Focus this Month
HOLY HABITS in January and February focus on Fellowship
We are now embarked! We have starting to follow 'HOLY HABITS', a programme designed to deepen discipleship and promote spiritual renewal and growth across our church community.

The first habit we are looking at is 'Fellowship' and we hope that we will find ways in which our existing fellowship can be deepened.

Our minister, Sue, says:

'Dear Friends,

I’ve often heard people talk about the quality of the fellowship in Methodist churches. For many people, Methodist Churches are communities in which they feel welcomed and accepted, churches people want to belong to. And we can celebrate that that is the case here at Chandler’s Ford. But, this shouldn’t make us complacent, because this isn’t everybody’s experience and there are always ways in which our fellowship can be deepened.

“Fellowship” is a translation of a Greek word. At its best, it is an experience of how the Trinity, of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, relate to each other in creative, self-emptying, nurturing love. It’s what those who meet us, and visit us, should glimpse this in the way we relate to each other and to the world around us. We see this sort of fellowship among Jesus’ followers in In Acts 2.42-47 and I’m particularly struck by Luke’s comment about their generosity, because this mirrors the generous love of the Trinity, that overflows into the world through creation, the incarnation, life and death of Jesus, and the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s what I hope and pray for the fellowship of Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church as we begin our exploration of Holy Habits.'

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